Few Health Apps to Motivate You to Lead a Healthy Life

In today’s fast paced world, human beings are always on the run. They are always busy with their profession and constantly need to be on their toes. Therefore it becomes difficult for them to take care of their health and food habits or hit the fitness centers. With the advent of smartphones, our lives have become much “smarter” undoubtedly. While people do not have time to hit the gym or maintain their food habits, the smartphone apps will do the needful for them; giving them instructions regarding do’s and don’ts, or guides them on exercises to keep them fit and healthy. Here is a list of a few health apps to improvise your lifestyle.

A few interesting and important Health apps:

  • Nutrition Menu: An all-rounder app, it is capable of measuring the amount of water consumed, counting calories as well as keeps track of your personal statistics. One of the most interesting features arethose more than three hundred and fifty North American restaurants and their dishes that are inbuilt, making it easier for you to check the calories when you’reout. Besides these, you can also log your calorie intake from different dishes, save the favorites and also keep track and display in several graphical layouts of your days, weeks and months. It is also equipped with exercises to show the amount of calories that you have burnt and also a lock mechanism to keep your personal information private.
  • Eat This, Not That: As the name suggests, this app will tell you what to consume and what not to consume. You will be surprised to know the amount of calories you would intake if you think of consuming the food that you wanted to. Subbing of foods out for the others will result in an incredible substantial change in the calorie intake.
  • Abs Diet Smoothie Selector: An amazing book of smoothie recipes for you to prepare and take them at breakfast, post workout, or any time of the day you think its justified enough to have one of these yummy and healthy snacks. Browsing can be done depending on your goals like health boosters, weight loss or muscle building. Equipped with a slick interface and superb imagery, you will have access to complete recipes along with pictures for each smoothie and the nutritional facts.
  • BMI Calculator: An extremely simple app that will measure your BMI or Body Mass Index. BMI is measured by your age, weight and height and will provide information of the range you fit in- underweight, overweight or perfect. You can get to know if you gradually get closer to being obese or your diet is balanced and weight is correct. It is advisable for you to get your parameters checked in every few months, as there might be changes without you being able to feel it actually.
  • iMuscle: This app will help you to lean about your body and the muscles that get worked rather than making the actual exercises as its focus. With the entire human body shown in 3D, you will get to know the types of muscles affecting which body parts, the types that are worked for different exercises, the ones which are sore and various other possibilities.
  • MaB: the make a baby app will allow you to schedule a female partners ovulating patterns if you are having issues with conception. It also has other benefits for woman to check out male enhancement pill to bring up to their partner if they are having issues “keeping it up” by recomending Arize pill. The new leader in male enhancement  and stamina. being able to keep it up is just as important to have a baby as ovulation is. get yours by clicking here to Buy Arize.